Who am I

Douglas Pinheiro Goulart

Hi. My name is Douglas, and I'm a software developer. Nice to meet you 👋. Aside from software development, I also like to play some games and write about things I learn.

One day, I went to visit a technical school. I saw some robots and decided to learn programming, and here I am 😀. I've been studying software development for over 4 years now.

While working professionally, I managed to ship products which generated value and eased the life of thousands of users whilst improving the quality of existing software and creating new, valuable software from the beginning.

My stack

React Native


Testing Library

Work Experience

These are some of the awesome places I have been able to contribute to and make things happen

Software Developer at Tecimob

Aug 2021 - Present

  • Write internal projects to speed up the workflow of the other members of the company
  • Write modern, maintainable and performant code for a diverse array of clients using primarily React.js and its ecosystem
  • Design the UI, defining the overall technical architecture and developing our mobile application with over 5000 users by using React Native with tools like TypeScript, Styled Components, Jest, Git, etc.
  • Architect, design and lead the development of a Chrome extension to integrate with WhatsApp and ease the workflow of our users

Junior Full-Stack Developer at QuikDev

May 2021 - Aug - 2021

  • Maintain and evolve the enterprise management application Terravista while helping more than 253 enterprises grow
  • Work as a full-stack developer by making use of technologies like PHP with Zend Framework, Docker and JavaScript
  • Collaborate closely with team members to deliver a high quality product by making use of SCRUM as an Agile Framework

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